Citizen Complaint Form

The purpose of this policy is to provide procedures for processing and resolving complaints. The City of Ute strives to maintain quality of services, improve relationships between City employees, City Council members, Mayor and citizens. It is the policy of the City of Ute to accept, investigate, and resolve complaints. When appropriate, effective action will be taken to address and correct the complaint.

Complaint Procedure

  1. All Council members, Mayor, City Clerk or City staff receiving a complaint from a citizen will ask the person to complete the attached form. No complaint will be considered unless and until a Complaint Form is completed and submitted to the City Clerk.
  2. Citizen completes the formal complaint form and delivers to City Clerk.
  3. City Clerk will review and add references in the Code of Ordinances for review.
  4. Each complaint will be reviewed by the Mayor and placed on the Council agenda for consideration if complaint violates an ordinance or citizen requests to be on agenda.
  5. City Clerk will include complaint information in the council packet prior to the meeting so that Council can do their own independent investigation and research.
  6. Council will discuss at their next regularly scheduled meeting and determine action(s),if any are deemed necessary.
  7. Mayor and City Clerk will carry out the direction given by Council and report back to Council with resolution or further direction.

Note: Items that are criminal, traffic or other law enforcement issues will immediately be forwarded to the Monona County Sheriff’s office by the City Clerk or Mayor.

If the complaint is about a specific employee, the complaint will first be forwarded to the employee’s direct supervisor. If the complaint is about a City Council Member, the complaint will be forwarded to the Mayor. The Mayor will make the recommendation as to how the complaint handling will proceed. If legal counsel is required, the Mayor will consult the City Attorney. If a closed session is required, the Mayor may call a special meeting with Council. If disciplinary action is required, the disciplinary procedures laid out in the Personnel Handbook will be followed.