Staley’s Chicken Comes to Ute

Staley’s Chicken is coming to Ute Sunday January 30th, 2022. This will be a drive through event from 11am-12:30pm at the Ute Fire Station. It is $11 per meal. A mean includes: Staley’s fried chicken (2 pc), mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, coleslaw, and a cookie. The cookie is courtesy of the Gary Goslar family to honor Gary on his 75th birthday. Cash or check. Checks can be made payable to the Ute Community Club. Directions: Drive south off Hwy 141 on Padley Ave, coming up to the fire station before Main St. The Ute community Club sponsors cleanup days, Ute Fun Days, Santa Night, and many more town events. All money raised goes back into the community.