Ute Clean Up Days 2023

Ute Clean Up Days are coming! Dumpsters will be available at the Ute Town and Country parking lot on Friday May 5 starting at 5pm through Sunday May 7 ending at 5pm. There will be no curbside pickup. Per the landfill, No Lumber, building materials or debris, tires, batteries, or cans containing paint can be accepted. Completely empty paint cans can dropped off.

Appliance Tags are required for any appliance – large or small. These can be purchased at City Hall starting May 1st M-F 8a-12pm. Appliance tags will be $10 for each item. Starting this year, there is no difference in charge for a small vs. large appliance as the dump now charges a flat $10 for any appliance regardless of size. Please note: Appliances with tags MUST go in designated area by dumpsters – not in the dumpsters themselves.

Sponsored by the City of Ute