Ute Clean Up Days

Ute Clean Up Days are scheduled for Friday May 3 starting at 5pm through Sunday May 5 ending at 5pm. There will be no curb side pickup. Residents of Ute are welcome to put their items in the dumpsters that will be setup at the Ute Town and Country parking lot. Items that will incur the City a fine and are therefore not allowed are: lumber, building materials or debris, tires, batteries, or cans containing paint. The Landfill does take notice of what is in the dumpsters, so please take care not to dump these items into the dumpsters. Appliances must have a tag on them and placed in the designated spot near the dumpsters. Appliance Tags are $10 each and can be purchased by contacting City Hall at 712-885-2237. Appliances without a tag or placed in the dumpster will incur a fine to the City. These Clean Up Days are offered as part of your landfill charge on your utility bill. Please help us keep costs down and do not throw anything in the dumpsters that is not allowed. Ute clean up days is offered to the residents of Ute only.